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Wine is a noble product. A living thing, it has time on its side.

Making the most of wine, helping it to develop its richness is an art, an art that AVINTAGE™ has mastered to perfection. With an elegant, modern design that combines the finest materials with leading technology, AVINTAGE™ wine cellars are sure to bring the best out of each of your bottles.

Among our wide range of 28 models, you will find a wine cellar that is the perfect fit for your needs and desires : from 7 to 300 bottles, we have one in every possible configuration (free standing, built-under counter, built-in) no matter what type of cellar your looking for (ageing / storage, multi-purpose, serving).

As a true specialist in the world of kitchen design, AVINTAGE™ is connected with the biggest kitchen companies and specialists in Europe, providing you with the care and safety you need for your most cherished bottles.

Sold throughout the world in more than 47 countries, the AVINTAGE™ brand offers you high-quality, innovative products made with French savoir-faire.



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Kitchen designer area

Are you kitchen designer or AVINTAGE™ partner company ? For the best customer service, choose AVINTAGE™ and find all the information you need : product specifications, installation and visual schemas, etc. You will surely find the cellar that will fully satisfy your customer's needs !

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Nos produits sont distribués dans le monde entier

Our products are sold throughout the whole world

With the largest industry specialists selling them throughout the world, finding a AVINTAGE™ product is easy to do, even beyond the borders of France. You can now find us in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, etc.

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