Excellence in the art of living

Wine cellar designers

Wine is a noble product. A living thing, it has time on its side. Making the most of wine, helping it to develop its richness is an art, an art that AVINTAGE™ has mastered to perfection.

With elegant, modern design that combine the finest materials with leading technology, AVINTAGE™ wine cellars are sure to bring the best out of each of your bottles. Among our wide range of models, you will find a wine cellar that is the perfect fit for your needs and desires: from 8 to 294 bottles, in every possible configuration (free standing, built-under counter, built-in) according to the type of cellar you are looking for (ageing/storage, multi-purpose, serving).

Distribuée à  travers le monde

Sold throughout the world

by the best specialists, the AVINTAGE™ brand offers you high-quality, innovative products made with French savoir-faire.

We also apply our high standards to
the energy performance of our cellars.

With class A or A+ used for our solid door models and our single-temperature glass door models, our wine cellars display our daily commitment to excellence.

With the models' modern and intelligent design

Some customers appreciate our solid-door cellars that protect their wine naturally. Others prefer the elegance of glass doors. For all types of enthusiasts and experienced connoisseurs, we have developed a range of cellars that offer maximal protection. Through a special treatment, the glass filters UV rays, thereby preserving the quality of your wine.

Un design moderne et intelligent

Innovative technology

The DIVA EVOLUTION wine cellars are all equipped with touch control panels, making it possible through an electronic CLIMACONTROL® LCD data display to control such information as :

Lighting mode
Alarms and error codes
Winter system

Perfected to the highest degree, Avintage™ wine cellars focus on the small finishing touches with their accessories. You can select and increase the number of racks you have according to how you wish to set up your cellar. You have the freedom to arrange your cellar in any possible configuration and optimise your storage capacity.

The AVINTAGE™ savoir-faire

When you're selecting your cellar, you have to remember that you're going to entrust it with the bottles that you've patiently collected over the years, ones that represent a genuine economic and emotional legacy: their total value can indeed surpass the price of the cellar itself... And that value only grows over the years !

Therefore, it is vital to entrust your bottles to true wine cellar specialists who offer products that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Le savoir-faire AVINTAGE™

The choice of a genuine wine cellar from AVINTAGE™ guarantees optimal conditions for safely ageing your bottles and a perfect serving temperature for the moments you wish to share your wine with guests.

All AVINTAGE™ products meet current European standards. Each product has its own identification number and nameplate, thereby authenticating the production series it came from.