AVINTAGE™ and its partners: a privileged relationship.

Are you a kitchen designer or a AVINTAGE™ partner ? Then you can take advantage of specific optional warranties : you can extend your 2-year warranty to a "replace with new" 5-year warranty.

Service at the centre of our concerns, AVINTAGE™ provides a 2-year complete warranty for its products that includes replacement parts and on-site repair work in France. Interfroid Services, our partner in France, oversees the management of spare parts for the 5 years after production and for the entire warranty period. With storage of spare parts and accessories located in France, you can always be sure to find in a timely manner a part that you need to change or a part you want to add.

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À l'international

Outside of France the 2-year warranty offers replacements parts, and repair work is regulated by local laws. Do not hesitate to contact your dealer or local kitchen designer for more information about our product warranty.